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Puppy Infested With Hundreds Of Ticks

dog covered in hundreds of ticks

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Animal Cruelty: Live Animals For Sale As Key Chains In China

animal cruelty in china live animals as key chains

New fashion jewelry in China: live animals in a sealed plastic bag containing a liquid with nutrients and oxygen that allows them to live up to 2 months.

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Attack of The Giant Snails

Giant Achat Snail
It sounds like the plot of a horror B-movie. But for the people in South Florida, it has become a reality. They are fighting against a plague of giant snails.

At 8 inches, the achat snail, also known as the African land snail, grows to be the size of a rat. And when it searches for food at night, it devours everything in its path, including fruit, road kill, rocks, stucco, plaster and even car tires.
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